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"Reiki has brought many positive changes to my life and with these positive changes and through many wonderfully divine connections I was introduced to Lisa. She is one of the most caring, kind and beautiful people inside and out that I know and has been a tremendous mentor in helping me on my journey as I learn more about myself so I can help heal others in the future. I highly recommend Lisa for a "Reiki" session # but also for a "QHHT"  past life regression session as well. She took a solid hour to ask me questions and vise versa to prepare me for what I could expect during my hypnosis and also get to know what I was hoping for from this session. During the actual session she was calm and patient which helped me stay relaxed to access the information from my past that I needed to uncover and release in order to heal. I left feeling lighter and happier.


Lisa is truly gifted with her abilities of helping one heal. She has the biggest heart and only wants to see you grow as you follow your own journey in life. Don't hesitate, book a session if you feel called to."

 - K.B

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"There are certain events that change the course of your life. There are certain events that change you as a person. If your looking for either of these things, a healing session can do both. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity! The universe has been trying to guide me and this has really opened up the key in me to tune into it. Even if you think you cant , she can show you the way. I always read testimony from other's and never believed I would be the one who "figured it out" and now here i am to tell you it really works and it can work for you to! I would happy to discuss my experience with anyone who is searching for a miracle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lisa! May the angels protect and guide you always!"

 - Kathleen Abbott 

"My Reiki session was freaking amazing!! I have more clarity and a much better understanding of my life and the universe around me!! If your considering a Reiki therapist. Lisa is very much the real thing and you will be Happy you chose a session with her!!"

 - Shannon K Geisler

"Lisa is truly a special one-of-a kind healer, teacher and friend. She is blessed, and highly professional. She truly cares about your wellbeing Inside and out. I highly recommend Lisa and have been Blessed by her work. She is truly Amazing and i am honored to know her and be a recipient of her gifts."

 - Susan Aleckson


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